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Sa Ráh – pronounced like "que sera sera" – has always been wildly curious about the human experience. She was a “why child” from the moment she began to talk, prompting her mother to build a library in their home to keep up with Sa Ráh’s inquisitive mind. Her career has spanned over 22 years in the medical field, working mostly in cardiac and critical care. Her personal journey with life and health has taken her around the world, studying varying cultures and acquiring a vast array of knowledge about different modes of health and healing.


In 2018, Sa Ráh decided it was time to leave allopathic medicine. She then founded her own concierge health and wellness company, catering to clients seeking a high touch, personalized experience. Her clients often come to her with a specific health issue or life transition crisis, and they quickly find out Sa Ráh’s approach will not look like your ordinary health and wellness plan. Sa Ráh works with a deep knowledge of the body, how it works and the true origins of health and disease. There are many aspects of our lives that affect our health and wellbeing, and Sa Ráh looks at the whole picture – from environmental factors, to diet, exercise, relationships, stressors, lack of sleep, life transitions (even good ones), and lack of purpose and/or a creative outlet that often contribute to chronic conditions that affect our daily lives.


Sa Ráh earned her Master of Science in Nursing from Georgetown University, and went on to become a Board-Certified Family Nurse Practitioner. In her many years practicing in critical care, she gained expertise in the Western medical theory of disease and Integrative Health, as well as a profound ability to hold space for people in their darkest times. While on her own journey to health and optimal wellness she experienced some deeper truths of health, especially in working with and healing chronic disease. She couldn’t help but question, if western medicine was right, why wasn’t it “working” or getting people healthier? Why are we sicker and more overly prescribed than ever before? That’s when she started to find the answers.


Sa Ráh discovered belief is one of the most powerful indicators of health. Ask any medical professional if they believe if the “will to live” makes a difference in the end of life survival rate. And what about the placebo effect? The intersection between belief and health is the cornerstone of Sa Ráh’s life work. She is wildly passionate about finding out what people believe about their own health, reframing and teaching new tools that create lifelong effects in their overall wellbeing. She is also curious about what lights people up, yet she has an immense capacity to dive into the not so pretty aspects of life and imbue clarity and a thoughtful vision for living an intentional and vibrant life.





It doesn’t matter what you want to create or pursue. I live by the belief that anything is possible with enough care and determination. That is the power of the human spirit - that is the power of passion. I want to help you to make your dreams come to life. My plans take into account the most important ingredient...YOU.





I believe in possibilities. No matter your current state of health, I have the tools to help you transform your life into the vision of your dreams. 





I go all out on everything I do...and then some. I am obsessed with living a vibrant life. That's why we dive into all aspects of your current life, lay out a clear plan, and then we...play! YES! It's supposed to be fun! And of course we may hit some big waves along the way, and we'll learn how to play in those as well. 





Just like a well-tuned machine, we need the proper ingredients to function at our best. There are no diet plans or strict regimens to follow, this is simply about whole foods that feels good to YOUR body. We work together to establish a new norm in how and why you eat what you eat, and begin to retrain your body to show you what YOU want to eat for optimal health. This includes "indulgences", within moderation of course, as the most toxic ingredients are actually guilt and shame.





I like to call it movement, not exercise. If you like to walk, run, dance, swim, bounce, or even skip, we'll find a way you LOVE to move your body. There are so many benefits that are beyond the "perfect bod", and I'll actually share my little secret on what shifted it for myself. Hint, it had NOTHING to do with looks!





Belief is a powerful thing. Our family, culture, and society as a whole highly influence our beliefs about our health and disease. Science has now proven these beliefs then actually influence our biochemistry and how we interact with our world through epigenetics. It's like wearing rose-colored vs. smudgy glasses. When we see things or believe negative, toxic, or stressful things about our lives, we then produce the stress hormones that create the things we perceive. We truly have so much more personal power to influence our own health than we've been lead to believe. I will teach you how.  





My programs are personal and supportive, and more importantly, I teach YOU new tools to thrive. I also believe community is essential for all humans to feel seen and heard. I help support current relationships and provide resources to develop a deeper sense of belonging all around.





We all love a story...it's what connects us to our past, present and our future. Some experience this through ritual, daily habits and even through the toast of a champagne glass. When we slow down to acknowledge where we have been, what we have now and our dreams for the future we begin to truly ride the waves of life. I will help you add meaning to each and every day as well as plan for big life events, bucket list ideas, and even legacy planning. 





I would love to hear from you. Even with all my experience, this is a new format for myself. If you don't see what you're looking for or have any questions please reach out and let's chat. I love to hear about what lights you up, and what keeps you up at night. Rough day, wanna chat? We are creating a community, not simply a business. Connect with our community on the links below and click "Book Now" to find your Health from Within!

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