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My name is Sa Ráh, and I guide people in optimizing their health and wellness across all aspects of their life, by getting to the true root of physical and emotional DIS-ease. Are you feeling tired, lifeless, or lost in the direction of your life? I teach you how to shift old patterns and beliefs, in order to live a healthier and more intentional life. This shows up as more balanced and loving relationships, restful sleep, success in your career, and an overall state of wellbeing. Where are you now? Where do you desire to be? Let me help show you the way...

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Who am I?

Think one part medical expert, one part best friend, and one part cheerleader...all on your side and ready to transform your life. I've combined over 22 years of healthcare expertise and in-depth real-world experience into my offerings, to help you optimize all areas of your life, and discover true vitality from within.  

Now what?

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A Little Bit of Handholding

This is a perfect introduction to my services if you're stumbling in any of the support areas or feeling a bit lost, need some support, new tools to gain clarity, and reach your goals.


Individualized & Interactive

This is a deep dive into one area of support. We will look at your past, your current situation, your goals, and pull it all together into one clear plan to move forward to a new level of health and vitality. This will include new tools, a full, easy-to-follow plan, and a follow-up to give a little extra support along your new path. 


Concierge Health Consulting

This is for you if you are in need of a full life reset, or are in a major life transition and need one-on-one support in multiple aspects of your life. Together we will review all the areas of support and go even deeper, to find the big leaks and get your entire life back to smooth sailing. This service takes place on your schedule, at your home and/or office, anywhere in the world by arrangement. Book a free consultation call now!  



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Gluten free? Keto? Vegan? Fruitarian? It can all be a bit much to decipher, let alone figure out what is right for YOU. This just so happens to be our specialty…helping you find YOUR ideal diet that makes you FEEL your best. We convert a whole lot of nerdy science knowledge into easy to follow hacks that allow you to simply eat food that tastes great and FEELS great in your body. We also incorporate your current body goals such as weight loss, endurance building, or toning as we know how much body confidence influences how we feel everyday. This includes support on getting rid of the most toxic substance we ingest…GUILT. The best part is this plan is highly personalized to work with what you already like to eat!

Running hurt your knees? Want to optimize your workouts? Can’t get into yoga, but everyone tells you you should? If you’re really being honest with yourself, you’re not actually into anything at all...The human body is made to move and there are so many reasons why movement is an essential part of thriving mental and physical health. We will share with you our secret that changed how we viewed movement forever, and how to bring it into your everyday routine – it only takes 15 minutes! We also incorporate your current body goals such as weight loss, endurance building, or toning as we know how much body confidence influences how we feel everyday. 

We all loved the Flintstone’s vitamins as kids, right? Well, science (and our bodies…) has come a long way since then! We have a top-secret list of highly recommended supplements, containing real ingredients, that will supercharge your routine. We will also provide a highly personalized supplement regimen based on your current health, moods, diet, and exercise routine.

Sleepless nights are the worst! Truly restful sleep starts way before you slip into the sheets. Everything you eat, drink, and “consume” in your environment affects how you sleep. We’ll dive into your life and find out how to get you back to Sleepyland.

As if modern life weren’t stressful enough, we have all had times in our life where we just can’t shake the blues or take a deep calm breath. Sometimes all we need is to feel heard and have someone truly listen. Together, we will come up with a plan to help you gain clarity and provide tools to move forward with ease.

The teenage years are a developmental level where absolutely every aspect is in constant flux. Navigating hormonal and body changes, peer pressure, bullies, fitting in and standing out, grades, sports, college, life, family, friends, technology, and everything in between. It is also hard to realize that it is actually their job to push up against parental and authority figures (respectfully) to gain a healthy sense of their own place in life. Normalization of what is acceptable stress, healthy boundaries and communication, diet and movement plans, and college and life planning are all potential avenues to explore to a more balanced existence for all.

Goop, 60 Minutes, Netflix...everyone is talking about the healing power of psychedelics. Are you curious to find out more? I have extensive personal experience in navigating the intricacies of the human psyche in this reality and beyond. I personally believe in the deeply healing potential (and possible harm, if not navigated ethically and safely with an experienced guide) of psychedelic based therapy. Let's chat about the pros and cons, expectations, and possible referrals to safe and experienced guides. 

This buzzword seems to be attached to everything from makeup to journaling. But why? Self-care is about ensuring you have enough energy for yourself, so that you don’t burnout because you’ve pushed yourself too hard. But what if we told you it starts much earlier, and that the true essence of self-care runs much deeper? Let us explore your daily routine together and find ways to add beauty and pleasure (this tends to energize and fill up women), and novelty and excitement (this tends to energize men). We will also identify energy leaks to get you moving down the road with a full tank. 

Our home environment has a tremendous impact on our overall health and wellbeing. Most people have no idea how much their environment either positively or negatively affects their life. The décor, neighborhood, people you live with, functionality, clutter, space, and so many other factors highly influence your overall energy and mood. Let’s create an atmosphere that brings out the best in you!

Are you single? Have a troubled relationship? Family or friend drama? We have all been there, but have you ever noticed a pattern that keeps on repeating? Let’s get to the root of it all with gentle care while creating the space for deep healing. Once we identify the pattern, we can begin to show up differently in ALL of our relationships. We offer tools and techniques to shift the dynamic, bringing about healthier interactions and deeper connections.

Feeling like you’re in a slump and cannot even begin to find a new path? Perhaps you desire a new career or a new direction in life, but just don't know where to start. Or maybe, NOTHING is wrong but you can’t seem to get excited anymore? We’ve all been in a transition phase that’s lasted a bit too long and we’re here to throw you a life vest! Let’s get curious together and we’ll come up with a plan to get you on a new path (or at least dreaming again)!

We’ve all had a thing or two we want to leave in the past and somehow just can’t shake. Our definition of what others may call addiction is a little different, and how we work WITH those feelings is also very different. From drugs to food to shopping to work, we have a plan that will actually get to the root and allow you to get what you really need when those cravings hit.

What is your legacy that you will leave behind? What’s on your bucket list? The kids are gone and now what? Your old roles have changed and so have you, but now you get to envision a whole new life with all the good parts you want to keep. Together we will dream big dreams and plan your next chapter. This may also include holding space for talks about embracing death and how you want your estate carried out after you’re gone. Our culture tends to shy away from these types of discussions. Together, we will bring a whole new perspective that will allow for a more peaceful transition for all.


At every level...we have a plan to meet you where you are:

A Little Handholding

$ 222

Intake questionnaire expert review

30 minute phone/video consultation

Personalized plan emailed after the consultation

15 minute phone/video & 2 email follow-ups

Current bonus - our Forgiveness Course FREE - launching soon!

A $44 value for free


Individualized & Interactive

$ 444

Intake questionnaire expert review

60 minute phone/video consultation

Personalized plan emailed after the consultation

30 minute phone/video & 2 email follow-ups

Current bonus - our Forgiveness Course FREE - launching soon!

A $44 value for free


Concierge Health Consulting

$ call

One-on-one, high-touch, concierge health consulting services at your home and/or office

Including: approximately 2-8 hours/wk by arrangement to fit your schedule in a combination of in person/phone/email/text consultation, personalized research, coaching, and goal planning

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"I’ve been working with Sa Ráh for years on various aspects of personal growth. Her method and insights have been beyond helpful. She taught me that healing, in all aspects, begins with food. I have learned so much about the importance of quality ingredients which has become a lifestyle for me. She was also so helpful in choosing specific supplements, which I continue to use to this day. She is engaging and comes from a place of non-judgement, which is truly refreshing. I highly recommend working with Sa Ráh, not only for the big life stuff, but even if you only need a little nudge in the right direction. "

Writer & Artist

"Sa Ráh combines her extensive medical experience with her strongly developed intuitive side to provide a unique healing experience that goes beyond addressing the surface issue. "

Financial Consultant

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"We truly believe that health begins from within. So much of our modern life has disconnected us from truly knowing our own body, and when we take the time to listen, especially with a caring guide, we unlock the door to lifelong vitality. " - Sa Ráh

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